About Us

Ruh Ro's Pet Shoppe is your friendly neighborhood's small business and family owned pet food/supply store! We are dedicated to making sure that our community and their pets are the best they can be by selling better food for the better health of our pets!

Ruh Ro’s Pet Shoppe knows the true meaning of community and its most cherished value- Family! Named after the owner’s daughter, Rosalee (commonly own as RoRo), Ruh Ro’s main focus is bringing quality products to our communities’ fur families!

Everything from dogs, cats, fish and more, Ruh Ro’s is dedicated to ensuring that your 2-legged, 4-legged or even finned friends have what they need to live a long, happy and healthy life!

Our store owner, BethAnn Gomes, along with her husband Christopher are fur-parents to seven and human parents to one! Having four cats (Binx, Fuji, Dasani & Edwin) and three dogs (Abernathy, Maximus, & Tyrion) they know the importance of making sure our communities fur-babies have what they need to be happy and healthy!

BethAnn was born and raised in Conshohocken! Being a Conshy Girl for 30 years, she knows the most valuable thing to our community is family! Whether furry or scaly, lives on land or sea, our animals are part of our hearts and our families. One of the things that always felt like it was missing in Conshohocken, is an independent pet supply store! Somewhere pet parents could bring their furbabies, not just to purchase supplies, but somewhere that actually cares about the health and safety of their animal family!

Our mission, is simple: Better quality food for the better health of your pets!